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A linear profile for use in integrated details such as kitchen joinery and wall and ceiling coves. A built-in heat sink detail optimises heat dissipation of the LED strip and prolongs lumen maintenance, lifetime, and colour stability. IP rated LED strip for use in wet locations.


  • Natural Anodised

Optical Assembly
  • Linear Diffuser
  • Axially Symmetrical

IP Rating

SCN-B01-AAX-10Section 17x15mm Wet IP65 1000mm Natural Anodised
SCN-B01-00X-10Section 17x15mm Wet IP65 Diffuser 1000mm
SCN-B01-00X-A0Section 17x15mm Wet IP65 End Cap
SCN-B01-00X-A1Section 17x15mm Wet IP65 End Cap Power Feed
SCN-B01-00X-A2Section 17x15mm Wet IP65 Mounting Clip
Light SourceNamePowerColourCRIFluxIP Rating
VER-A02J0D-00X-A0Verum Flex SMD10W2700KRa90944lmIP65
VER-A02J0E-00X-A1Verum Flex SMD10W3000KRa90944lmIP65
VER-A02J0F-00X-A2Verum Flex SMD10W4000KRa90944lmIP65
VER-A06K0E-00X-A1Verum Flex SMD20W2700KRa902250lmIP65
VER-A06K0F-00X-A2Verum Flex SMD20W3000KRa902300lmIP65
VER-A06K0H-00X-A4Verum Flex SMD20W4000KRa902360lmIP65