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A trimless linear profile for wall or floor washing from an ultra minimal flush detail. An asymmetrical housing acts as a secondary reflector, directing light across the wall or floor whilst ensuring that the light source is hidden from view.


  • White

Optical Assembly
  • Linear Diffuser + Secondary Reflector
  • Axially Symmetrical

IP Rating

SCN-E00-WWX-10Section Wash 40mm IP20 1000mm White-White
SCN-E00-00X-10Section Wash 40mm IP20 Diffuser 1000mm
SCN-E01-00X-10Section Wash 40mm Wet IP65 Diffuser 1000mm
SCN-E00-00X-A0Section Wash 40mm IP20 End Cap
SCN-E00-00X-A1Section Wash 40mm IP20 Powerfeed
VER-A00-00X-A0Verum Flex SMD 08mm Accessories IP20 Powerfeed
VER-A00-00X-A1Verum Flex SMD 08mm Accessories IP20 Connector F2F 150mm
VER-A00-00X-A2Verum Flex SMD 08mm Accessories IP20 Connector F2F 90 Degree 10mm
Light SourceNamePowerColourCRIFluxIP Rating
VER-A01J0A-00X-A0Verum Flex SMD10W2700KRa90944lmIP20
VER-B11I0A-00XVerum Flex COB10W2700KRa90950lmIP20
VER-A01J0B-00X-A1Verum Flex SMD10W3000KRa90944lmIP20
VER-B11I0B-00XVerum Flex COB10W3000KRa90950lmIP20
VER-A01J0C-00X-A2Verum Flex SMD10W4000KRa90944lmIP20
VER-B11I0C-00XVerum Flex COB10W4000KRa90950lmIP20
VER-A02J0D-00X-A0Verum Flex SMD10W2700KRa90944lmIP65
VER-A02J0E-00X-A1Verum Flex SMD10W3000KRa90944lmIP65
VER-A02J0F-00X-A2Verum Flex SMD10W4000KRa90944lmIP65
Control DeviceNameVoltagePowerRemoteIP Rating
CTD-B0A-00FDriver CV24V35WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0B-00FDriver CV24V60WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0C-00FDriver CV24V100WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0D-00FDriver CV24V200WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B1A-00DDriver CV24V35WDALIIP20
CTD-B1B-00DDriver CV24V60WDALIIP20
CTD-B1C-00DDriver CV24V100WDALIIP20
CTD-B1D-00DDriver CV24V150WDALIIP20
CTD-B2A-00VDriver CV24V40W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2B-00VDriver CV24V60W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2C-00VDriver CV24V100W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2D-00VDriver CV24V250W0-10VIP66