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A trimless linear profile for wall or floor washing from an ultra minimal flush detail. An asymmetrical housing acts a s a secondary reflector, directing light across the wall or floor whilst ensuring that the light source is hidden from view. Verum Flex COB cutting interval 50mm. Allow 10mm for power feed at start of length.


  • White

Optical Assembly
  • Linear Diffuser + Secondary Reflector
  • Axially Symmetrical

IP Rating

SCN-E00-WWX-10Section Wash 40mm IP20 Profile 1000mm White-White
SCN-E00-00X-10Section Wash 40mm IP20 Diffuser 1000mm
SCN-E01-00X-10Section Wash 40mm Wet IP65 Diffuser 1000mm
SCN-E00-00X-A0Section Wash 40mm IP20 End Cap
SCN-E00-00X-A1Section Wash 40mm IP20 End Cap Powerfeed
Control DeviceNameVoltagePowerRemoteIP Rating
CTD-B0A-00FControl CV24V35WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0B-00FControl CV24V60WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0C-00FControl CV24V100WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B0D-00FControl CV24V200WFixed OutputIP20
CTD-B1A-00DControl CV24V35WDALIIP20
CTD-B1B-00DControl CV24V60WDALIIP20
CTD-B1C-00DControl CV24V100WDALIIP20
CTD-B1D-00DControl CV24V150WDALIIP20
CTD-B2A-00VControl CV24V40W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2B-00VControl CV24V60W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2C-00VControl CV24V100W0-10VIP66
CTD-B2D-00VControl CV24V250W0-10VIP66